Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas spirit

In the interests of harmony, I offer the following advice to anyone celebrating the festive season with me.

Should you, in the course of your revelry, decide to partake of the pudding, you should note the following. Anyone who notices an anomalously strong taste of nutmeg would be best not to mention it. Likewise, if, mayhap, you find a small piece of eggshell in your seasonal dessert, move right along, and mention it not.

I cannot be responsible for the consequences of a failure to head this warning. Suffice it to say, today has been.... wearisome.

If you find I have moved to Adelaide, most of the presents are wrapped. There are some still on their way from ThinkGeek, I'm sure you'll work it out. Charlie still needs goggles and Ben could use another pair of pyjamas.


  1. Oh crap. For some reason this reminded me that I haven't checked if David has swimmers that fit him. We're going camping at the beach on Friday. I really don't want to have to go clothes shopping tomorrow.

  2. Bugger. I hope some swimmers magically appeared.