Sunday, December 06, 2009

Have I mentioned I like Christmas?

I like Christmas. I've always liked Christmas. I never really went through a Bah Humbug phase (of course my mother would have murderated me if I'd grumped too much - nobody messes with Mum's Christmas). As soon as I moved out of home I bought a tree and started collecting (and begging for) decorations. I still don't have enough.

I started putting the tree up on Monday, as I mentioned. I finally finished it on Friday. What follows is way too many photos of it.

See, not enough decorations! (Obviously more is more in my Christmas.)

There is quite a lot of tree to decorate.

A couple of close-ups of the decorations themselves.

It is a tree of many layers. That red Santa buried half way in is one of the vintage collection (otherwise known as the decorations that were my grandmother's and my mother was going to chuck out), and then behind it is the very deep Santa card covering the trunk of the tree.

This one is one of my favourites.

And I love these little guys - there's a dozen of them hanging off the tips of the branches.


And of course, there are lights. The lights are mostly up out the front of the house too - there is one more string and a banner light to put up. I also strongly suspect a Santa or reindeer may appear on the front lawn before the real Santa comes.

Just don't talk to me about presents. I may be relying heavily on the real Santa this year.


  1. Thanks. You should see the one at my mother's/sister's house. It leaves mine for dead. I have tree envy every year! :)