Saturday, December 05, 2009

Why Tony Abott is your worst nightmare

If you think the worst thing about Tony Abbott is that he is climate change denialist who wears Speedos in public, you need to read this. He is a terrifying prospect - he opposes legal abortion, contraception, no-fault divorce and gardasil (cervical cancer vaccine). And that's just for starters. He makes John Howard look progressive and cuddly. Seriously, read the link, this man is a real threat to our everyday lives.


  1. You don't need to convince me, but thanks for link to SLWC's informative post. While it's important to have a strong opposition TA's views are so far to the right - there is no way they can create a balanced view. Scary stuff

  2. There are political commentators predicting the demise of the Coalition in the near future, which would be fine if the Greens were ready to step up and be a viable opposition. I'm not entirely convinced they are, but they could surprise me. I'd certainly be happy to see the Labor party become the right wing party in Aus! :)

    I hope TA is unelectable, but I thought little Johnny was unelectable, so what would I know?

  3. - may i suggest have a read of this site what malcolm thinks of tony
    vexnews malcolm in the wilderness
    google this site and see what he thinks of tony.

  4. It's interesting to see that there is almost no coherence within the Liberal party. I'm not sure what that means politically, although I very much doubt it would change my view of the party. :)