Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Belated Easter

Yesterday we had our tight-fisted, beagle modified Easter egg hunt. Up until Ben started school, we managed to ignore Easter altogether, and even since he started school, the only thing he was really keen on was the egg hunt, and so I relented. For the last two years we have done the hunt on Easter Sunday, as prescribed. This year, when I looked at the price of Easter eggs, I abandoned our non-tradition, and planned to buy the eggs on the Monday, when they would be half price or better.

Having my cheaper-than-half-price eggs in hand, I still couldn't actually hide the eggs. We are in possession of one beagle, and if I hid the eggs, it would be a one-beagle egg hunt. The kids wouldn't get a look-in. So I hide gold plastic pirate coins. The kids bring the coins, one at a time, and put them in their bowls, and then I exchange coins for eggs.

And then, being the bleeding heart commie lefty that I am, I redistribute the eggs to make sure everyone gets the same number.

The kids seemed happy with the strategy.

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