Sunday, April 04, 2010

Genetically bad parents

A couple of weeks ago I took Elissa to see an eye specialist because I could see she had a squint. Turns out she has the trifecta - very long sighted, small squint and very poor vision in one eye. The working theory is that the long sightedness caused the squint, which in turn caused the lazy eye. I have to say, I am fairly unconvinced by this theory. The squint is small, and hasn't been there very long. It seems far more likely that the poor vision in one eye has caused the squint, or that they are unrelated. Nevertheless, I'm not the one with the piece of paper, so we follow the strategy and see what happens.

The strategy is glasses correcting for the long sightedness for a month or so, and then see what that achieves. The likely next step is patching. This gives me the horrors - I remember being patched. Being forced to use an eye that doesn't work properly is infuriating and frustrating. In my case, it was also pointless. I bring this past to my daughter's treatment. It's going to be hard work to make sure it represents valuable experience and not obstructionist bias. Time will tell whether I also brought it to her as genetic inheritance.

But, the glasses seem to be helping her to see. This I base on the fact that getting her to wear them is not a complete shit fight.

Although, as I type, she has not yet got dressed for the day (the photo is from yesterday), at 11am, and is therefore not wearing her glasses.

Charlie's glasses and surgery were a doddle in comparison.

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