Thursday, April 15, 2010

Change of seasons

Somehow, all the fabulous, family friendly, posh garden parties I was keeping Elissa's nice dresses for didn't eventuate over the summer. So as the cool weather sets in, I've been encouraging her to wear any of them she likes. This is one of them.

I figured since she's only worn each of them a few times, I could take some photos before I pass them on to someone else.

It was only after I took this photo that I noticed that Charlie was blowing bubbles.

And right chuffed with himself he was too.

It's not often that the middle child gets to enchant and entertain both siblings - at least not when the middle child is still four.


  1. Elissa looks so much like Nerida!

  2. I don't see that as much now, although I used to see Nerida in her a bit when she was littler. They just all look like Crash, really. :)