Thursday, April 29, 2010

A whole new concept in taste

Tonight I went to a number of establishments in Tokyo, but the last was a champagne bar, as best as I can tell. It sold champagne and still red & white wines. At the beginning of the menu it had a tasting guide. This is a fairly sensible idea for a country that has relatively recently adopted the fermented grape as a drink. However, it takes a Japanese sensibility to create a tasting guide that looks like this.

Go ahead, zoom in on that. The first row tells you about body. Yep, I'll give you a moment to digest that.

The second is fairly sensible - varying from tropical fruits to citrus.

The third is something to do with flavour, or maybe aroma, my friends couldn't really help me.

The fourth is a measure of sweetness. Why this is iconified in hearts is anyone's guess.

That last row. What can I say? The left hand side indicates softness, so I can only assume the right end is hard. I don't know what a hard wine is, or why a stubbly man in sunglasses typifies it, but there you go.

The strangest thing? Using this very bizarre guide, I chose a chardy that was divine. Weird and inappropriate, yes, but also effective.

I chose the third one down. Apparently I like my chardys with fat arses.


  1. ...perhaps it is a well rounded wine with sideburns. The last series could be age? From 20 something hipster to scary old drug dealer dude...

  2. Age might make some sense, but the Japanese speakers with me assured me it was softness, Maybe old = hard? ?????

  3. Ha! That is awesome! Only in Japan. :)