Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nauseating and pointless

An obvious title for a post about my two younger children, no?

Well, not really about them. They keep bringing home these ridiculous, nauseatingly cute and utterly useless decorations. So I am photographing them and sticking them here so I don't have to feel guilty as they tumble into the recycling bin.

First, Charlie Angel, from Christmas last year at preschool.

This is just so..... farcical that I have been unable to toss it. Now it is recorded forever on teh interwebs.

Then at Easter, we got an Elissa Chicken

Why do they do this? Only heartless parents toss out cutesy photos of their kids. They are trapping me between mountains of ridiculous craft and becoming Cruella Deville.

So, I inflict them upon you, instead. Have a nice day.


  1. I'm glad my childcare and preschool son't inflict craft and photos like this. I get one or the other.

    Don't forget greandparents and aunts/uncles. They are always good for giving craft to, and you wont be Cruella.

  2. Um. Wow. They really are fine specimens :-)

  3. @Toni, I suspect I would lose all chances of baby sitting if I inflicted any of this on the relos. :)

    @Mim, yes, aren't they just? I kept the photo part of Charlie's one and put it in front of my PC, to make up for the 3 Ben photos already there.