Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hong Kong

The problem with working for yourself, is that you pay for your own work travel. That means everything is done as cheaply and quickly as possible. Which in turn means that nearly all work trips are hell on earth. This trip to Hong Kong involved 13 hours on Thursday, 10 hours on Friday and 3 hours Saturday morning. The vast majority of that was in a computer room air conditioned to a cosy 18 degrees and just enough humidity to stop you zapping everything in sight (not enough to avoid dehydration).

However, I did manage a free room upgrade - possibly because I seriously considered the executive upgrade and then decided it wasn't good value. As a result, right now I am looking straight out over Victoria Harbour.

And this is what it looked like the night I got here.

After I gave myself a splitting headache working at the somewhat-less-than-ergonomic hotel desk for 3 hours this morning, I decided some walking might be in order. Also, since this is my third trip to Hong Kong, I figured it was well past time I made the tourist trip to the peak. Here is my proof that I went.

I've finally started to get some feel for the geography of this place, and this is what the other side of the island looks like

I just don't think they're trying hard enough to pave the entire island.

Nice as it was up there, this is where I'd rather have been:

See all those little sails through the smog down there? It was a magnificent sailing day. Why did no-one organise me an invitation onto one of those boats? I consider this a grave failing on the part of the universe.

Tokyo tomorrow, but before then there are many more shopping hours ahead.


  1. You sound exhausted. May the shopping be indulgent, the beer cold and Tokyo kind to you.

  2. I didn't find much that rocked my world, but I did get Elissa a T-shirt that says "Hooray for everybody" and Charlie a cool robot t-shirt.

    I have more time in Tokyo, so hopefully it won't be quite so insane.