Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Band camp looms

I took Ben to the band information meeting tonight. He was not entirely convinced about committing to the band, and then they mentioned band camp and it was a lay down misere. He had no idea what instrument he wanted to play, but dammit he was going to pick one and go to that band camp.

He still hasn't decided on his instrument, and he won't necessarily get his first choice anyway, but it seems we're about to embark on noisy instrument learning. And he'll be going to band camp next year. I don't think he'll be nervous about staying overnight.


  1. Yep, it was band camp that lured Tom on board too. They play a video of the camp after the end of year band and choir concert each year. Sneakiest recruiting tactic ever, all those younger siblings and all the choir kids who aren't in band but who have music friendly parents being shown just how much awesome fun band is!

    Tom's now considering ditching flute for keyboards instead. Or possibly as well as. Either way, we're going to need the keyboard back! (Caitlin is beginning to need it too.)

  2. Sneaky indeed! In all the stuff we'd previously seen there'd been no mention of band camp!

    Today's my desk day, and on my to-do list was to ask you if you wanted the keyboard back. Do you need it back urgently, or just next time we're up that way?

  3. No hurry, when we next see you is fine :-)