Monday, November 29, 2010

I fail at sentimentality

Tonight was Ben's presentation night, which is also staged as a graduation for the Year 2 kids. It's your standard Infants School affair, musical items and every kid gets an award. It looks like every other group of kids performing.

As the graduation ceremony, Yr2 kids each make a short speech (there are only 19 of them). They all have the same format - 3 sentences - but it's nice for them all to get a chance to say something. As they finish they are presented with a graduation book and Yeo Park badge. After that the Yr2 parents all assemble at the front to be given a flower from their child (nice, if slightly chaotic) and then we all get to watch a slide show of the kids throughout the year. The kids, and then their parents are clapped out of the room. Apparently the latter half of this procedure is supposed to be a Kleenex moment. Hmmm. I'm proud of Ben. He spoke loudly and clearly, he joined in and sang enthusiastically and played his instruments as required. He looked like he was having a blast (other than the group singing at the start, when he looked like it was all a great strain), and he was all joy and bubbles when it was over. I'm really happy for him to be moving on to a new school, with more opportunities and a more grown up view of the world. I didn't even consider shedding a tear.

Mind you, I didn't shed a tear when he started school either. I feel no wistfulness with them growing up, only enthusiasm and excitement. I felt his buzz tonight, it was all about him and his class, and I'm glad he got to enjoy it. I'm looking forward to all the other cool milestones, not mourning the passing of these ones.


  1. The end of year 6 for David was an occasion of "Thank fuck THAT'S over" for both of us. Caitlin is already getting sentimental and teary over the end of year 6, it'll be her response that breaks me. But I doubt I'll need tissues at presentation night, it'll be on the last day of term when the kids are all saying goodbye to each other.

  2. It'll be interesting to see what happens as the others go through. Ben's best mates are all going to the same school as him next year, but there's no guarantees the same will happen for the other two. I might feel some more sadness then.

    Who knows, maybe the guard of honour out the gate on the last day will do it to me. Doubt it though. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to all the other cool milestones, not mourning the passing of these ones.

    This. That's always been me, too. Not a sentimentalist in real life, even though I can be a sook about stuff on the telly.