Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finishing with unfinished business

I'm into Christmas. I may have mentioned this before. But this year, I'm not feeling the love. I'm feeling like it's all a chore. I've been trying to get stuff organised in advance to avoid the overload, but I don't even know who's going to be here for Christmas Day. I'm still dealing with birthdays too, which isn't helping. Charlie, however, is full of the Christmas Spirit and has been campaigning for the tree to be put up. He even cleaned his room, on his own, without Ben, in order to be allowed to help put the thing up. As we sorted the branches for tree construction, he was singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". He was all helpfulness and smiles.

Tree construction and light application happen simultaneously, since the tree is too bloody big to try to wrap lights around after the fact. As a result, this is the bare minimum level of construction I could reach before calling a halt. The decorations are all sitting next to it, waiting for Charlie to badger me into completing the job. It hasn't lifted my mood though. Still decidedly Grinchy. So I'm completing a decidedly unremarkable NaBloPoMo with an incomplete project. Seems appropriate.

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  1. Pretty lights! And Yay! for Charlie :-) Caitlin is taking the role of enthusiastic Christmas spirit person in our house, she has however accepted that the tree has to wait till this weekend.