Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

Elissa's birthday party finally got a start today, after pox-related delays. There were 10 kids here, doing what preschool kids do. We played pass the parcel, there were cries of "she's not letting me play with her" and we all chugged towards the inevitable cake.

As you can see, this year's request was the ladybird cake.

The candles were duly lit.

And Elissa met her cake.

There was the usual singing (goddammit I wish I could sing Happy Birthday, I sing badly at the best of times, but I sing Happy Birthday horrifically), and then comes the blowing out of the candles.

Elissa huffed

And she puffed

And she blew those candles out (with a great deal of assistance from most of the gathered guests).

And then, of course, we ritually sacrificed the ladybird.


  1. Awesome! The cake looks great, Elissa is adorable and you're making me feel guilty about not having organised a party for Tom yet (a month down the track and with no illness for an excuse).

  2. I don't even think I can textually express how amazing I think that cake is.

  3. Fabulous cake! I'm going to copy it next time there's a birthday party in our family.

  4. Fantastic cake.

    I'm glad my boys ask for things like a "blue" cake, not something where I have to get too creative.

  5. @Mim Surely Tom would have been shouting louder if he REALLY wanted a party?

    @Chally: Awww, thanks. :)

    @Deborah: It's from the Womens Weekly, but I doubled the cake mix and used larger tins. Also, I'd recommend not using butter cream for the icing, because it's really hard to turn it red. Not to mention how much colour I needed to add to make that head black. The black icing was truly inedible! :)

    @Toni Yeah, it's a toss up, it's fun making these cakes, but it was easier when they asked for "stripey" or "with strawberries". :)

  6. Oh, that looks spectacular, Ariane! Makes me think of some of the creations my mum produced when I was a kid. I think she's *still* cursing the mother of my friend who handed the Women's Weekly cake book around ;-)

  7. It's a blessing and a curse, that book, although this was a pretty easy one, but for getting that damn black icing. The woman in the cake decorating shop offered me pre-coloured fondant, and I really should have taken her up on that!

  8. Om nom nom, I suddenly have a hankering for cake.