Sunday, November 07, 2010

Productive Sunday

I seem to have had anything but a day of rest today. It was mostly boring, uninspiring housework - four loads of washing, cleaning the front room and cooking an awesome lamb shank dinner. Then there were the domino incidents. I went to vacuum the kids' rooms and discovered a distinct lack of suction. At about the same time I realised I couldn't recall the last time I cleaned the "clean at least every six months" filter. (My memory's not that bad, this probably implies a period of much greater than a year.) Cleaning the filter then requires drying the filter, which took more than the rest of the day. The vacuum cleaner is still in the middle of the hallway.

Then I wandered past a calendar (on one of my many trips to the laundry) and realised it needed to be turned over to November. Then I realised that the dog needs heartworm and flea control. Then I realised that he really needed a bath before either of those things. Then I was up to my armpits in wet dog. Wet, growly dog. Bailey has no truck with baths.

It wasn't all misery though. I managed to pot up a dwarf Tahitian lime and some pretty colour to go around it. This is the first of five pots I'm planning to fill with condemned beautiful plants. You can see the incredibly attractive wall behind it, which I am attempting to conceal with these pots.

Now I need the ground to be slightly less sodden to plant my two passionfruits and my mandarin tree in a garden.

And of course, I also managed several cups of tea and a fair bit of tweeting, so it was definitely not a wasted day.

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  1. I don't get growled at while dog washing, she just sits with her tail tucked tightly between her legs shaking all over and looking absolutely terrified. It's heart-wrenching.