Saturday, November 13, 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my ... hat!

This weekend Crash and I are in Melbourne. I've finally cashed in my Christmas present from last year for a weekend away with the babysitting organised for me!

Sydney-siders give Melbourne a lot of stick for the weather here, and this weekend it's lived up to it's dodgy reputation. Freezing cold and raining after a hot, humid day yesterday. It's rather limited our options, but it also inspired me to buy this hat, rather than an umbrella.

I managed some other shopping too. Mostly at Target, as ridiculous as that seems. The store here has twice as much stuff as any of my local ones, and I've bought 3 dresses (one of which is suitable for work, which is a constant problem for me), 3 tops and a little cardigan.

This afternoon, Samantha from The Discourse mentioned that Matchbox had a special on a device to turn apples into slinkies. Once I determined what the proverbial a "Matchbox" was, I found one at Spencer St and jumped on a tram. We now have said device, as well as some cheater chopsticks for the kids.

Sketchers are in the same complex, and they had pink sparkly shoes for $39. No human being can resist cheap, immensely comfortable pink sparkly shoes, so here they are on my feet.

Crash hasn't completely missed out, he got some jeans and a shirt, which is about as much shopping as he can manage in one go. 

We utterly failed to book any of the restaurants people recommended - we needed a month's notice for most of them. So tonight we're going to a restaurant which we found using the highly selective method of Googling it. You can expect a review of Shoya soon.


  1. Love the hat! You can keep the pink shoes though ;-) They do look comfy, I'll give 'em that!

    I've resisted the temptation to get an apple slinky machine despite it's Firefly cred and kid friendliness. But I might cave in if Adam keeps wanting to make apple pies and the like.

  2. Argh! Spotted the stray apostrophe just after clicking Post Comment.

  3. Damn sneaky apostrophes. :)

    I'm not normally your pink shoe kinda gal, but these are sparkly! And comfy! I was actually looking for some black ones, but they didn't have any in my size or in my proportions (bloody fat feet).

  4. I'm not a pink ANYTHING kinda girl, really. But sparkles and comfort over-rule that; Awesome Shoes!


    Ok I'll calm down now.