Sunday, May 11, 2008

Apparently I am all about the schmaltz.

OK, so it's a bad photo, but it was a bad card...

My hubby doesn't read my blog ("I live it, why would I want to read it?"), but he still managed to find me the schmaltziest card in the universe. As if a card that says "If all the mothers in the world were like you...", isn't bad enough, when I opened it, this happened.

The kids thought Daddy had bought Mummy the best card in the universe, and we heard the the first three words of the song about 500 times courtesy of Charlie.

I have to say, though, breakfast was good - left over sashimi (not an oft-used phrase I suggest), and eggs with oyster sauce, salmon roe and baby spinach on toast.

I also got a cook book with no less than 167 muffin recipes!

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