Friday, May 09, 2008

I am not all about the schmaltz

What is it with the schmaltzy music at Mother's Day? Every second ad on TV at the moment is for god awful love songs or pan pipes or something. I am not a young mother, and I'm thinking anyone younger than me thinks these "Perfect for Mother's Day" gifts aren't. In fact, I'm pretty sure my mother would be disgusted by any one of these items. So there are grandmothers for whom this is an outdated marketing strategy.

Are they ever going to give it up? I seem to recall it's all about the country music for Father's Day, which I'm sure is equally inappropriate.

I want to see "New Grinspoon album, perfect for Mother's Day", or perhaps The Presets for your more dance inclined mums. For god sake, I'm nearly 40, you'd think they could keep up with the times on that sort of scale!

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