Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday goodness

I've played the birthday card to excess this week. It started on Wednesday, when I went to trivia (we had to go, we had won the week before and had a $50 voucher to spend). We had a killer night and won again, thanks in part to my wasting hours last week playing on this terribly addictive website, starting with the periodic table quiz, which Juz referred me to. But thanks mostly to Marina and Pat's scary trivia knowledge. They had a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate meringue on top for me. Yum.

Then Thursday was my actual birthday, so I invoked birthday privileges and went to the pub. Great evening, much rubbish was talked as usual.

Friday night I had to concede it was Crash's turn, and he spent the night in the city with mates.

Yesterday my friend Cate had a spare ticket to the ballet due to her mother being OS. She very kindly offered it to me, and even took me to lunch before hand. There was champagne and it was all very civilised. Of course, having just been involved in a discussion on tutus with bluemilk, I did spend the whole thing examining it in light of that critique. It came out pretty well actually. It was a modern show, with several small pieces rather than one long story. It had female characters from man hating (and murdering) lesbians to domineering wives to meek and mild girlies and everything in between. Not all of them such disgusting stereotypes as I have just described either. :) The last section was all comedy, and included a piece with 6 ballerinas in traditional white tutus performing a very traditional type of dance, but buggering it up. I could only conclude that the choreographer has spent way too much time in infants school ballet productions, at least that was all I could do in between snorting with laughter.

Last night Crash cooked a 3 course meal of prawn cocktails, roast beef stuffed with bacon (how can you go wrong?) and melons in Sauternes. We watched a Midsomer Murder and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I am blessed. And overfed.

So the birthday is done and dusted for another year. Except that I have one more treat coming. Crash gave me $100 cash to do with what I will (I think it was supposed to be CDs, he ran out of shopping time, it has been pretty crazy). I realised after reading the unread books meme, that despite loving books, I read practically nothing. I also realised that the reason for this is quite bizarre - when I go into a book store, if I am shopping for myself I am paralysed. I can't decide on anything and either walk out with yet another Terry Pratchett (or one or two other authors) book or nothing at all. So I handed the cash over to my sister and said "Buy me whatever takes your fancy." I'll have a go at anything if it is there. So I am looking forward to that.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Must send you that necklace, slack bugger that I am.

    Also, damn you! Now I'm going to have to study till I can do that Periodic table quiz, it's scary how little I could do on my first try, I just went completely blank.

  2. I was much the same. I still haven't got it all right, I cracked 90 last night. For some reason I am incapable of remembering technetium (among others).

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I didn't stop by sooner, I have been so slack blog-wise.