Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm a bad mother

OK, so maybe I am not quite the parent I would like to be. I'm fairly sure the parent I would like to be would know how her almost three yr old got a black eye... He does wear glasses, and I'm pretty sure that they have been the immediate cause of the bruising, allowing for a large range of falls and injuries to be the root cause, but it is still rather distressing that I don't know how it happened...

On the plus side, he doesn't either, so I guess it can't have hurt that much.

Or maybe I am still the parent I want to be, I don't want to be hovering over my children 24/7. No permanent damage has been done and presumably some limit has been discovered. Still, it doesn't look good not knowing the origin of a black eye. Perhaps I'll make up a good story and everybody will be happy.


  1. God, if I knew where my girls got all their scraps and scrapes I would need a a meter high book just to write it all in. I have never seen them without something. And I am one of those over protective mothers as my girls get into so much trouble. I have to keep an eye on them all the time. But sometimes I miss something. And eyes bruise so easy. M. got a black eye when her sister elbowed her on the trampoline.It took 2 days to come up but I´m positive that it was this. They will know if it came from an abusive situation and will tell you (trust me I am a social worker).

  2. Caitlin is frequently covered in bruises that she claims she has no idea how she got. I suspect that sometimes the claimed ignorance is a cover for some illicit activity or confrontation with siblings that went wrong. Like using the lounge as a jungle gym....

    I take it that his glasses are at least still intact? Look on the bright side, bruises heal, glasses are expensive :P