Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shameless cross promotion

Crash, that man I live with, father of my children, love of my life, you know, that one, has a blog. He's just started. Someone suggested he should write a book. I suggested he write a blog. It's a lot easier to get published.

So he's no longer writing letters to the Terror, he's blogging instead. I don't know how diligent he'll be. But you can guarantee he won't pull any punches. Well almost, his first post actually paid lipservice to not being racist, so maybe he hears the odd thing I say... :)

It's not that he is racist you understand (like, really not, seriously) he's just really good at speaking like he is. So I reckon if he just gets his head around punctuation, it should be really funny. And cathartic, for him and anyone who reads it. Go check it out, send him suggestions for rants, it'll be fun.

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