Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One of those things they don't tell you

I have spent my last two afternoons having two separate MRI scans to trace the path of the peripheral nerve that leads to the outside of my left thigh. I have a numb patch there, which would be fine if it was only numb, but any pressure at all converts it to fairly intense pain. Charlie's crash cuddles around my legs are less pleasurable than I would like. This is my daughter's gift to me, I acquired it during her delivery.

It is probably Meralgia Paresthetica, the nerve getting irritated on its path through the pelvis. The MRI is to make sure it isn't anything else. The first one was about 20 minutes, the second about 35 minutes. Once I got over the intense fear that there might be some metal secreted within my person that I had failed to remember, it was ok. Until I started to get hot. I was really sweating by the end of the one yesterday. It took hours for my body temperature to go back to normal.

I mentioned it to the radiologist this afternoon, and he said "Oh yes, that happens." It does? Might someone have mentioned that to me? So that at least I didn't think I was either being cooked, or becoming uncharacteristically anxious.

Also playing child care games. My sister finishes at the end of next week. I am looking for family daycare, which I knew was going to be a little fraught. I am having trouble working out what is me being unrealistic and what isn't. The person I saw last night seemed ok, but her unit has a balcony which scares me. They don't have any other carers available just at the moment. I just feel like I am second guessing my motives and reasons, rather than making sensible judgements.

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