Saturday, May 31, 2008

Do we really elect these people?

Do we actively try to elect 8 year olds to parliament? What on earth inspires anyone to tell a member of an opposing party that "evil thoughts would turn her [unborn] child into a demon"? Now I can imagine that comment at a dinner party with friends, but good humour is not a hallmark of inter-party relations in any political environment. And why was the target looking for a woman in the Labor party to denounce it? Have we just given up entirely on men moving beyond juvenile behaviour?

Actually, that's not fair, at best I can conclude that we have given up on male politicians moving beyond juvenile behaviour. Does politics select for people so utterly clueless or do we elect them with higher frequency?

It's kind of hard to see how they can make hard decisions to secure our future when they can't work out that name calling about other people's unborn children is just a little on the wrong side of appropriate...

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