Friday, August 08, 2008

Ben on Marriage Vol II

My conversation with Ben on Tuesday got itself a post script last night during dinner:

Ben: Are boys allowed to marry boys in Australia

Me: Not legally, but lots of boys live together like they are married.

(Sidetrack into what "legally" means)

Me: Actually, they can get married in Canberra (more subtleties ignored).

Ben: Oh, we want to go to Canberra!

Me: (Thinking this has something to do with the current school unit on Australia - he has learned the capital this week) Why do we want to go to Canberra?

Ben: (Very passionately) Me and [bestie] want to go to Canberra so we can get married!

Me: (stifling hysterical laughter) You're not going to get married until you get bigger, and odds are you will probably want to marry a girl when you get bigger. Most boys do, although some do want to marry boys.

Ben: (incredulous) Why would I want to do that?

Me: Because as you get bigger, your body changes, and most of the time boys start to like girls and girls start to like boys.

Ben: (Skeptical) Ooooohhhh.

Me: Anyway, you and [bestie] don't have to get married. You can stay best friends forever and maybe marry other people.

Ben: Really?

Apparently much the same conversation has taken place in houses all over the area. Homosexual marriage is quite the rage at my son's school. Although Ben was told in no uncertain terms by one of the girls that it isn't allowed. This took place in a scripture class, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

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  1. LOL :)

    There was a time when Tom would insist that he was going to marry me when he grew up, at other times he's been dead set on marrying one or another of the girl in his classes (which always has me asking if they know about his plans) but sadly I don't think he's ever had a male friend that he liked enough to want to marry!