Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Day That Was

It was a quintessentially family day. Ben threw up in prodigious style, encompassing stairs and walls. Thanks to Toni for passing on the tummy bug. Because clearly Ben caught it from her email, and not from the other kids at school that have been telling me all about their hurling exploits.

Elissa learned to pull herself up to sitting, so I had to move the cot mattress down. I came in to get her up from her morning sleep to find her sitting with her head gently knocking against the mobile animals. She is also probably a week from real crawling, but today she truly mastered her soldier crawl, and she is getting about with much greater speed. Gates for the stairs loom large in our future.

Charlie and Ben played together, it was lovely. Charlie laid down on the floor and played with Elissa. It was gratifying. And now I am hoping that the croup Elissa had last night doesn't return tonight, so that I can have a night that is a little less family-centric.

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  1. Wow what a day! You couldn't write a movie script that good. It seems like no matter what happens, if you can at least get a good night sleep, you can cope with the next day...

    On another note, I've just started blogging on work family balance and would love your insight into issues of family and working at home... if you're interested it's at

    I love the photo of your boy with the fairy wings and sword - a classic!