Sunday, August 31, 2008

A fabulous weekend, and a disastrous one

Many months ago we planned a weekend away. A real weekend away, where Grandma looks after the kids and we bugger off completely. We have been members of Petersons winery for years, and for the first time we could actually make one of their dinners in the Hunter. We planned to get all the kids off to Day Care and school, and then head up on Friday. Mum and David were to be looking after the kids, picking them all up from their respective carers (Ben goes to after care on Fridays).

Thursday night I had a pleasant pub dinner with Cate, and got myself into bed about 11ish. I had trouble getting to sleep for some reason, which meant that I was mostly awake when Elissa started screaming at midnight. She had thrown up, and refused to go back to sleep until 3:30am. I was seriously contemplating a very expensive weekend NOT away. She seemed ok when she woke up, so we bundled them all off and hoped for the best. We spent a couple of hours cleaning the house to the point that other people could look after our kids in it and managed to get ourselves in the car before midday. We needed to go to the swimming pool to sort out lesson enrollments on the way, and Crash got a migraine en route. So after my 3 hours' sleep, I had to drive up.

We got up to the Hunter and sorted ourselves a dinner venue with Robbie, Megan and Griffin. The food was fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend the Leaves and Fishes restaurant in Lovedale.

Saturday morning I spoke to my mother to discover that Charlie had thrown up at 3am. And she had been looking after all of them on her own.

We tasted some great wine, found a new winery that we liked, bought oils, wine and chocolate and came home for a nanna nap. Awesome. Then we headed out for the dinner, which was fun, but probably not one of the best I have been to. Still a good night, and I am glad we went.

Today I rang Mum to discover that Charlie had thrown up AGAIN at midnight. At least this time she had David to help. Kids really know how to turn it on. Oh yeah, and Nerida had looked after them during the day Saturday, and when she left Charlie dropped his bundle and refused to speak to anyone or cooperate with anything all night. Endearing.

So we had a great weekend, which is probably a good thing, since it might be a Very Long Time Indeed before we get to do anything like it again....

So we had a great weekend


  1. That's exactly what happened to us the last time we went to the Hunter. Lauren got really sick, to the point if she threw up one more time we were going to have to go and get her and rescue Nanny.

  2. Oh dear god, it's the stuff of nightmares. Your poor mum.

    But hey, weekend in the Hunter without kids sounds lovely!

  3. Yeah, Toni, I used your story to explain to Mum that it could have been worse!

    Every time my phone rang all weekend I cringed...