Saturday, August 09, 2008

Boy meme

For some reason this one (courtesy of Mim) grabbed my interest...

1. What is his name?
Crash. OK, he has another name, but we used Crash for most of the wedding ceremony, so it'll do.

2. Who eats more?
Depends largely on what we're eating.

3. Who said, “I love you” first?
I have no idea.

4. Who is taller?

5. Who drives most when you are out together?
About even I suspect. I drive more in traffic.

6. Who is more sensitive?
About what?

7. Who does the laundry?
Both of us, but he does seem to be allergic to putting it away. :)

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Me, if we're measuring by when we are lying in bed.

9. Who pays the bills?
Me. Crash is paperwork challenged.

10. Who cooks more?
It'd be about even, recently he has been cooking a bit more. Depends on circumstance.

11. Who is more stubborn?
I tend to define myself as stubborn, so I guess that's me.

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong?
The person who stops being angry first. Or the person who was actually wrong if it was only one of us.

13. Who has more siblings?
Both have one.

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
What century are we living in?

15. What do you like to do together?
Quite a bit. Eating, drinking, talking, sleeping. Not too much left is there?

16. Who eats more sweets?
He doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

17. Guilty Pleasures?
Isn't that an oxymoron?

18. How did you meet?
At work.

19. Who asked whom out first?
It didn't really work like that. We spent a large amount of time in the same pub.

20. Who kissed who first?
Doesn't that take two people?

21. Who proposed?
We went to dinner for his birthday, and I decided to tell him that I wanted kids, thinking it could be a deal breaker. I was surprised to discover he was keen on the kids thing, and the conversation wandered to marriage. I kind of mused that I thought I would probably want to get married if we had kids, and he said, "OK, let's get married." The actual action took place in the same order as the conversation, kid first, wedding second.

22. His best features and qualities?
He's incredibly generous, passionate and caring. And he clears the table and sets off the dishwasher during dinner parties.

So if it grabs your interest too, go ahead. :)

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  1. Oh yes! That dishwasher thing Crash does during dinner parties is indeed awesome :)