Monday, August 18, 2008

There has to be a better way

On days like today, I want to pack up and move to somewhere cheap, finish my degree, tack a dip ed on the end and get myself a job as a teacher. Crash can make clocks. And I won't have to have days like today.

I woke up at 4am with tonsillitis. The throat was the least of it, every joint in my body is killing me. And I knew I had to work all day today, regardless of how I felt. It was stressful work, and it was interspersed with even more stressful work. I took Ben to gymnastics because it meant a break - well, except for the phone calls.

And tomorrow I have a lot more work to do, and I probably won't be able to take Elissa to day care because of the conjunctivitis. We are probably going to have to play pass the baby parcel as we both have work to do in the city.


  1. Bugger - that balancing act can be really hard at times, can't it?

    Hope the tonsils deflate soonest.

  2. Gah, that's horrible. Sending get well vibes your way.

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  4. Hugs to you! Hope you're feeling better soon. Sick days are the thing I miss most about my old office job.

  5. Hope you and your bub feel better soon. You're only human and need time out to get better - but that work pressure never abates. Hope someone can help with some TLC.