Sunday, August 10, 2008

Him on work life balance

Since this doesn't really belong on his blog, I put it here. And besides, it was me who was interested in how his answers compared with mine.

1. What are your main work, life, family balance issues?

Balancing up earning money (I feel guilty when I am not earning money) with the need to spend time with the kids.

2. Why is work life family balance such a difficult issue to resolve?

Because I don't feel successful when I am leaning towards the family direction.

3. Have work life balance issues affected your fertility decisions?


4. Why do women, and mothers still take on the bulk of domestic unpaid work, despite juggle jobs and children?

Probably because women are more responsible parents, and that's because men aren't.

5. Why do married women do more housework than women in de facto relationships?

I don't know whether that's true, let alone why.

6. Does part-time work give fathers greater flexiblity and balance?

Yeah. I can actually walk the kids to school, and I am trying to learn not to feel guilty if I am spending time with the kids.

7. Does part-time work free fathers up to do more unpaid work?

It does give me more time to do more, and I feel more obligated.

8. Is part-time work for both co-habiting couples with children a way to more equally share child care and domestic work?

Yes. We each spend much the same amount of time looking after the kids.

9. Do fathers feel they can take up family-friendly options at work?

No, not when I was at work. In fact the company didn't like letting the women do it, but they tolerated it more for women than men.

10. Do fathers still feel the pressure to be primary breadwinners?

Yes, guilt still weighs heavily on me if I'm not.

11. Are dad’s getting their preferred amount of time with their children?

Generally not, but I am.

12. Do we value caring work enough?

No, obviously not. I don't think my thoughts on that have changed in the last 20 years.

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  1. Fabulous to get your point of view as a part-time working dad. I really think it is the new frontier...Interesting to hear about a dad talking about feeling 'guilt' too, I guess it's a universal emotion. You have inspired me to ask my partner to answer the questions as well