Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Alphabet Game

Mim has been playing the alphabet game, and it looked like fun to me, so I stuck my hand up and she offered me a G.

10 things I like starting with G:

1. Growing up: I love watching my kids growing up. This is why I had them.

Apparently I also had them to revel in watching them dress up in silly clothes...

2. Gardens: Particularly scented ones, but any kind is good. I have a special appreciation for them, since I am neither fond of nor good at making them myself.

Image credit: Linda Yvonne

3. Giving: I love giving presents, although I always panic that the gift is wrong at the last moment. Although I can't say I love it when there is obligation without inspiration.

4. Grapes: I'm eating them as I type, and I am rather fond of them fermented and bottled too.

Image credit: No idea, seems to be in lots of places.

5. Giggles: Little kid giggles and adult giggles. Life would be dull without a good sense of the silly. And I love how infectious a good giggle is.

6. Google: Without it I am nothing. Or at least I am left wondering. It's also pretty handy when I am faking competence.

7. Gigs: Live music is a big part of my life, which took a major backseat whilst I was breeding. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back out there since Elissa was big enough to be left at home. Never missed a Big Day Out for kids though - only for a week of wine tasting! I went in '03 when Ben was 6 weeks old.

Sydney Big Day Out 2007 - Killers

Image Credit: Jonathan

8. Galadriel: The Hobbit changed my reading habits forever, and when I moved on to LoTR, Galadriel was one of the characters that struck me as a 12 year old. She was sad and noble and graceful and beautiful and powerful.

Image Credit: Tolkien Gateway

9. Gastronomy: I'm a foodie, love to cook myself, and love to eat out. We celebrate every significant occasion with a good meal, even New Year's Eve has evolved into a feast.

10. Ghost movies: Supernatural horror movies and thrillers are probably my favourite genre. Rarely done well, when they get it right, they're awesome.

If you haven't played already, or would like another letter, comment here and I'll chuck one your way.

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  1. google - yes - where would I be without google?