Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas is over

The Christmas decorations in the shops are really starting to irk me. In a monumental feat, I got my tree down and away on New Year's Day. Most of our lights are still up, but are not being turned on, they are just waiting for Crash to book the boy in to get them down. It's much better done as a two man job.

Today the ham was finished. The bones are in the freezer, the last of the meat is in a container and the skin was turned into some munchy crackling (because we haven't eaten enough fat in the last month).

There is less than a quarter of the pudding left and just a wee bit of the chocolate (all the elves are gone, sadly).

Christmas is done with, we can get on with our summer now. Take down the damn tinsel!


  1. Know what I saw in Woolies this week? Hot cross buns. I'd almost prefer the tinsel hung around for a little longer.

  2. No! I think they should sell hot cross buns all year!

    But I was very disappointed, I went to the supermarket the day after Boxing Day to get me some Easter eggs, and they didn't have any! Not like the good old days when I saw them first day of trade post-Christmas...

  3. I still haven't stowed the decorations away yet. But I'm disorganized like that. Witness the fact that I am only now getting around to wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The holidays seriously interfered with my computer/blog reading time.

    And I just have to say that coming from north of the equator, the admonition to get on with summer is making me giggle. :)