Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More local politics

Big Kev lost his fuel watch plan. He also lost his grocery watch plan. Fair enough, they were both dumb. But somewhere in the middle of it all, he had a good idea. Unit pricing in supermarkets. I shop a bit at Aldi. Some of their stuff is good, some is hideous. Much of the good stuff is much cheaper. Some isn't. But the key is, Aldi has unit pricing on everything. So if I can remember the maths from other stores, I can make comparisons. I am a very big fan of unit pricing. It is especially useful in mainstream supermarkets where multiple brands are on offer, all providing slightly different packet sizes.

But the National Association of Retail Grocers has claimed there is no demand for unit pricing. Their argument for this is that no-one has requested it in supermarkets without it, and no-one has praised stores with it. They also claim no change in spending habits has been seen in shops with it.

Our local Woolies has been slowly introducing it. It hasn't influenced my buying, because I used to do the maths. Now, in some departments, I don't have to. I love that. I haven't praised them for it. Then again, I haven't praised them for having a better seafood department than most, and I have only complained twice over gross service disasters. I just don't think too many people think about corresponding with their supermarket over this sort of thing.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send some kind of missive to your local supermarket showing your support for unit pricing (assuming you support it).

And to show I don't make massive assumptions, does anyone reading this not support unit pricing? If so, why not?


  1. I've noticed the unit pricing coming in slowly at our local Woollies. I like it and I hope we get more of it. One odd thing I noticed about it though was that for some items there was unit pricing on the price ticket for one size pack but not on another size pack of the identical product.

  2. I think it's because they are just adding it as prices change. And since specials are only ever on *one* size of a product...

    I find it highly amusing that cans are apparently significantly more expensive than 100g of pink salmon, since 200g of pink salmon is only fractionally more.