Friday, January 02, 2009

The mysteries of life

I clean mostly in bits and pieces, rather than marathon bursts. This means the whole of my fridge is never clean. When I have the time to notice a particularly dirty shelf, I clean it. This afternoon it was the bottom one, with all the vegie containers and whatnot. I found a patch of...something. It was uber sticky, and no traditional cleaning option budged it. Not Enjo (it actually ripped the fibres out of those), not the couple of chemicals I still have for just such an occasion. In the end, I scraped it off with the plastic innards of the Enjo kitchen handy. And then scrubbed some more with every other cleaning cloth I could find, and it finally all disappeared. It was a great lump of goopiness on the end of the plastic handy, and I have not the foggiest idea what it was.


  1. Probably best not to think too hard about it.

    Oh, here's a thought, maybe it was the last mortal remains of Bobgreen! Or has he turned up alive and well after all?

  2. The bottom of the fridge is one of those places best not visited, except on occasional humanitarian missions like the one you just completed.

    I hope you wore protective clothing.

    PS: Discovered your blog via Dina. Great read!

  3. @Mim, yes, actually Bobgreen finally peeked out of Ben's bag long enough to be returned to his teacher. Maybe he didn't want to go back where he came from?

    @Michael, Hi! Thanks for having a look around. No, I do all my risky missions bare handed - I like ot live dangerously. :)