Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vale Spike Jones

Everyone's a good bloke when they're dead, but Spike Jones was a good bloke when he was alive. He was the only broker I knew who didn't drink - because "I'm like this sober" - and sober he had been known to crash tackle people into water coolers, instigate insane bets and create mischief at every opportunity. All in good fun. And the thing was, it just about never crossed that line.

But the reason the world is little poorer today, is that Spike really cared. He was one of those people who listened to the answer when he asked how you were. I can't say I knew him well, just as a bloke I worked with for a good many years, but still, on a couple of occasions when Crash asked for his help, he didn't just oblige, he put his all into it. Richard started a "Shave for the cure" day which he roped me into early and it looked like we'd raise a few thousand. Then Spike bought in. It turned into a major bash at a pub in the city that raised about $65k. He had that infectious enthusiasm that makes every occasion an Event. He always worked Christmas Eve, because he always organised a champagne breakfast for everyone who had to be in the office - a rare gesture in the broking world.

I can't do the man justice here, I just don't write well enough. He helped his daughter survive losing a leg to bone cancer as a child, worked for the Children's Cancer Institute for many years and sadly lost his own battle with cancer yesterday.

We'll all miss you Spike, I'm sure the markets were a bit quieter today in your honour.

Rest in peace, mate.

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