Sunday, January 03, 2010

Douglas Adams plagiarised

No, really, he did, and I have the proof!

Mum & David looked after the kids today while Crash & I went to the cricket, which is a pretty monumental effort - especially when the cricket was rain delayed and so finished late. We got home in the middle of bedtime and got to hear all about the day's fun. There was no picnic (as promised, due to said rain) but there was a blue goo bath and home-made (and most delicious, apparently) pizza.

Charlie explained to Crash that "David made the pizza exactly the way you don't."

It seems Douglas Adams may have got his best line ever from a four year old - it being a standard turn of phrase for them.


  1. Ariane,
    can I be the first to point that if he did he did at least
    pass it through a spell checker...


  2. I'd spent the day watching Australia just barely manage to cobble together 127 runs, my brain had checked out for its own protection.

  3. But I'll fix it for your sake. :)

  4. but if you fix it then my comment doesn't
    make any sense.

    Personally I am avoiding looking at the score
    in the cricket for as long as I can. What on
    earth happened yesterday?

  5. I suspect what happened yesterday was the consequence of allowing Ricky Ponting to carry on beyond his use-by date. The Pakistanis had enough sense to not want to bat yesterday....