Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A wee bit of progress

You may have noticed a distinct lack of toilet training updates. This would be because there was nothing happening. A few more wees on the grass at day care, a little bit of unproductive potty sitting, but mostly an utter lack of commitment from me which was echoed by everyone else.

At dinner time this evening, she had the second dirty nappy in an hour and some vicious nappy rash. I rather dropped my bundle. I told her I wasn't letting her wear nappies any more, because they just make her bum sore. I put her training pants on and told her that I would be cross if she did a wee in her training pants. (Yes, I know, this is not how you are supposed to do it, but endless offers of lollies have got me nowhere.) There were some positive bits. We put her pants on with her standing up, which she was pretty chuffed about, so I grabbed the opportunity to reinforce the big girl thing, no need for a change table any more and so on.

We had dinner without incident. She voluntarily sat on the potty downstairs, sadly with no result. The boys had run themselves a bath, so I decided to go with more standover tactics. I told her she couldn't get in the bath until she'd done the wee in the potty. I left her to it and brought the washing in, and when I came back..... the deed was done!

There was applause. There was the proud phone call to Daddy. There were wild dreams that this was the breakthrough and it will all be plain sailing from here.

So it's taken two weeks to get a real wee in the potty. If we're really lucky we might be finished by Christmas.

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