Tuesday, January 05, 2010

In which Apple woos me again

In all the time I've been using PCs (about 23 years), I've only ever had one disruptive virus - you know, other than "1 virus found and removed" messages. It was, however, a doozy. It stole money from my bank accounts, and when caught, rendered my PC FUBAR. I decided that this was my message from the gods to buy a Mac desktop.

It's always been my machine that runs the show in our home network, so switching to Mac was always going to cause some disruption. I finally got around to Googling how to allow the Vista machine to print to the Mac-attached printer yesterday. I found (mostly) consistent instructions and set to. Sadly, I had no joy (with either permutation, and despite reboots). This is all utterly unsurprising, but what happened next is directly from the Twilight Zone*.

I asked the interwebs at the Apple forum, and within two hours, someone had labbed the situation up, found the problem and provided a solution. What's more, the solution worked!

And you know what? Customer support does, in fact, work as a marketing strategy. After that immensely satisfying experience, I figured the best way to sort out backups was to buy a Time Capsule. I'm still sorting stuff out with that (supported again by the forum) - but only with the wireless network - backups are in progress as I type.

It seems I am hell bent on selling my soul to Google and Apple.

*At least for Microsoft customers

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