Thursday, January 28, 2010

You know you want it

More toilet training updates.

We have had several instances of weeing in appropriate places - either on "ducky" (a kid-sized toilet seat insert) or on the potty. Not peeing is definitely not the problem. She can go hours without it. The problem is convincing her to go when in the right place. Even when she manages it, it's stop-start.

However, since we were away, it all went to pot really. It started well, with a few successes, and she clearly wasn't fond of the feeling of going in pull-ups, but with all of the in and out of cars and swimming and so on, she ended up back in nappies.

So today she went off to day care in undies. I figure we'll worry less about holding on, and more about letting go, as it were.

God I'm bad at this.

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