Friday, January 22, 2010

Medical Mysteries

I have a something in my right breast. I know this, because they found a something 3 months ago and told me to come back for a followup. And then, today when I came back for said followup, they chose to only ultrasound the right breast. From this I conclude that the something is still there. In addition, it took a lot less time to locate the something this time, which probably means it's bigger, but not necessarily, I suppose.

This is all I know, because despite the fact that several people looked at all the pictures they took of me, no-one told me anything about what they saw. Why?

I can't pick up the results now until Thursday next week, since we are going away. In all likelihood, it's no big deal, but I can't actually know that until someone tells me what they saw.

There is something exceedingly arrogant about this. Why can't they tell me what they are seeing? They might be wrong, but that's ok, as long as they tell me what they can and can't glean so far, that's all I need. Is it because the medical profession needs to maintain an air of infallibility? Is it because they think I am too stupid to understand an indecisive answer? I would much rather be privy to the thought processes and reasoning that is going on. Then I can make sensible estimates of the goodness or badness of the news and at least have some clue as to whether there is anything to worry about. I will almost certainly not over-ride the medical professional's conclusions, but at least I will feel like I exist.


  1. I suspect that they don't tell people anything out of a general CYA attitude - they'd rather wait until one person writes the definitive report and then your own doctor tells you their interpretation of the report. Because people have been sued/sacked for saying stuff that didn't end up in the definitive report.

    That doesn't help you any though. Bugger. *Strong wishes for a merely annoying lump rather than a dangerous lump*

  2. Ergh. *hugs* and all that stuff.

  3. So much for my fantasy that they do this better in other countries. Aaargh.

    In my opinion, the radiologist shouldn't be the one to give you the info; should be your PCP, because s/he knows the whole story. The radiologist only knows the picture.

    There is, also, the CYA aspect that tigtog mentions, which is a strong force here.

    OTOH, you deserve to have the info no matter what, from someone.

    {{Ariane}}, good thoughts, white light...

  4. Hugs. As tigtog said, I think they worry about being held responsible for saying the wrong thing. I hope it's nothing.

  5. Thanks everyone for the good thoughts. I understand the CYA thing - I want a big sign that says "I get that you don't have definitive answers for me, I'd just rather know your guesses than nothing" that is, perhaps, floating above my head. Oddly enough, I know that these people don't have a direct line to the Universe that can tell them the Truth. It's just that I reckon their guess is better than mine.

    How has the world come to the point that people can expect to be sued for being understandably fallible?

    Today's update is that I called the doctor's surgery who told me that the report essentially says to come back in 3 months again. My doctor has asked to see me about it, so I have an appointment mid-Feb to discuss it further. I will hopefully pick up the films myself this afternoon to see if the report says anything more interesting.