Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday updates

About 2-ish this afternoon I thought I should leap into action. I finally went and bought the surrounds for the tree. Here's the tree-when-planted and tree-now photos to prove something got done.

While I'm showing updates, this is the then and now for the front garden.

That massive mess of green on the left hand side is two tomato plants. They'd be the ones that everyone told me were weeds, merely on the basis that I didn't actually plant any tomatoes. Not only are they triffidising nicely, they are also growing tomatoes.

There are many more, in various stages of development, and they're still flowering.

The frangipani on the left that's hidden by the tomatoes has thrived since it got out of the pot it had been in for many years.

So that's the garden.

Toilet training. Yes. Well. Other people are doing fine. After our first day, Elissa went off to day car for two days. Each day she had one pair of training pants, and wore them until she had an accident. Both days she showed evidence of knowing what was going on, and even managed a small wee in the potty on Friday.

Sadly, I then took over. On Saturday nothing happened. We spent the day out, and she was in a nappy all day. Today, she was starkers all morning, resulting in a puddle on the floor and a poo in the front yard. The latter rather upset her, and she seemed sincere when she said it would have been better in the potty. By then it was bed time, so we put the nappy back on.

After sleeps the nappy was dry, so, thinks I, she is in need of a pee. I bribed her to sit on the potty for at least half an hour, including sitting in the front yard while everyone was working. When the lollipop ran out, she demanded to get up and put a nappy on. Within 3 minutes she had done her wee. At least I know she has plenty of control now.

*sigh*. I'm thinking nakedness for a week may be the only option.

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