Monday, January 18, 2010

Lemony goodness

Blog awards are lovely things, they remind me that someone actually takes the time to read the ridiculous tripe I write, and they give me an opportunity to thank other people for their words. Chally of Zero at the Bone fame, very kindly passed this one my way - so many thanks to you Chally, m'dear!

The point of this award is the old "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" thing - awarded to bloggers showing gratitude and having a positive attitude. Since I'm a bit of a fan of positivity and gratitude (if not actually managing to maintain either of them as much as I'd like), I'd love to pass this one along to ten bloggers, as requested. I might steal the idea Mim stole, and pass them along over time, though.

Dion at The WhimWham exudes positivity. His passion for music, movies and his impending honours course is infectious.

Nap Mom at No Regrets, who when handed a broken oven at Christmas time, made a no-bake Christmas happen, including a cookie swap, of which I am in awe.

Aztec-rose from WoLFi Tales, who is looking forward to a world in which that which we get paid for is valued no more nor less than the unpaid work of raising and nurturing family.

Meng at Novice journey in life drawing/painting who sees beauty all around her, and is learning to express that visually.

So it seems obvious that today I am grateful for the bloggers of the world who inspire me, challenge me and make me laugh.


  1. Hey Ariane,

    Thanks for the mention! Glad to see that my little fixations entertain at least one person. ;)

    Bloggers of the world unite!

  2. What a sweet award. This little bit without the oven taught me something about myself... that I am a baker at heart and baking makes me feel... well... like my house is a home. (And, it's kinda weird that I tie the two together.) The ladies at the cookie swap were so great about my no-bake cookies... I hope they can use the idea if they find themselves in a similar situation some day.

    Thanks again for such a sweet award!

  3. @Dion: You're welcome, and they do, and I doubt I'm alone!

    @Nap Mom: It's not so weird to tie the two together, baking, especially things you could buy off the shelf, is an act of love and that's what makes a house a home. You're very welcome. :)

  4. Thanks Ariane, a lovely award and very apt right now as some close family has just been dealt some lemons

  5. I'm sorry to hear that, I hope they end up with some awesome lemonade.