Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sydney Festival opener

Despite tummy bugs, toilet training (yes, in theory, it's still happening - not so much today) and the attack of Chicken Little*, we packed the kids up and took them into Hyde Park for the opening day of Sydney Festival. The really good stuff is on tonight, but as Responsible Parents, we are watching Iron Chef and Rockwiz instead of Al Green.

It was a fabulous afternoon. It was a little warm today in Sydney (probably still >30C outside now at 10pm), so the first thing that inspired all of us was this.

The kids embraced the opportunity to get wet with impunity.

Ben was in amongst it with the big kids in the raised part of the fountain within moments.

Charlie wasn't too keen to pose, but he loved the spouting water. A lot.

Elissa was just immensely happy to be wet. In any way at all really.

Of course, it ended in tears.

Ben hurt his finger and had a sulk. But I suspect it was worth it.

After we were all thoroughly soaked, we wandered around and found hula hoops for the taking.

That's St Mary's Cathedral in the background, and very probably Charlie's finger providing the smudge on the lens. It turns out that I can still whirl a hula hoop, but fortunately there is no photographic evidence.

There were snacks and strolls, and then we came across the wonderful bubble guy Mr Incredibubble, who Mim Tigtog previously blogged about, but I can't remember his name nor find her post** but I apparently can't remember anything. He mentioned he will have a website next week, so you may be able to check him out. ANYWAY, he makes huge bubbles, and if you throw a coin in the metaphorical hat, he will let your kids stick their heads in bubbles. They loved it. Squeals, smiles and giggles. Well worth the $5 I chucked in for the entertainment. I didn't take photos because I was too busy looking at the pretty bubbles.

Tram trip home, supermarket visit to buy hot dog makings for kids and meat & salad for ourselves, plus ice creams because a day like that should always end with ice creams.

There was happiness all round, significantly enhanced by the air conditioning we can turn on so as to pretend it isn't 30 degrees outside.

Further Updates (also courtesy of Mim): Apparently we were at the fountain at the same time as the SMH photographer. If you look hard in this photo, you can see Ben, Charlie and Me.

*Chicken Little is an employee of a client who has decided that small boxes being in an inconvenient spot might jeopardise a whole office relocation. I tried to be professional in my response, I really did. 

** Edited information provided entirely by Mim. I didn't even managed that bit.


  1. Ah, that bubble guy! Wasn't me that posted about him, might have been tigtog?

    We were tossing up between the festival and the beach today - the beach won.

  2. Yep, was tigtog:

  3. Wow, my memory sucks. I could have sworn I remembered Tom having been involved in the story. Explains why Blogger refused to show me your post on the subject though. :)

    Beach must happen soon for us too, Ben has been campaigning.

  4. That looks like such a good time. I'm here in Portland, Oregon USA (used to live in Melbourne) and it is cold and wet! WHINGE!!!!!

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. From what I hear about the weather in the northern hemisphere (other than Israel, apparently), whinging is entirely justifiable.

    You have a fab Sunday too. With lots of hot chocolate.

  6. Very cool... the kids get to put their heads in a bubble? Fun! Looks like a great time. We, too, are covered in snow. It's nice to see some fun in the sun.

  7. That looks like such a great time. The photos are looking nice..
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