Friday, November 06, 2009


Despite the rain yesterday, the tree people came and did their thing. Our house has been stripped of greenery. This is where the Ficus Benjamina was.

As you can see, a new fence looms in our near future.

The front of the house looks a touch different too:

I really, really need those awnings over the windows now. They were always supposed to be there, but you know how renovations don't ever get quite finished....

While they were there, I got them to pull out two scraggly shrubby things in the front yard too, leaving this:

Behind that mess of star jasmine is a raised garden bed. I have plans for this one. I am going to plant some sort of scented screening plant (for obvious reasons) and then two frangipanis - one pink and one yellow. This will give me sun in the winter and shade in the summer - which will also be good for the herbs I'm going to plant underneath it - mostly in buried pots. I already have vietnamese mint, chives, basil and garden mint. Herbs always die in summer in my yard if they don't have some shade, so I'm hoping this will be more successful. Also, because I walk past it everyday, they get watered more regularly. I am planning on bringing the washing machine water out the front to supplement the current watering plan, which consists of a bucket under a slightly leaky tap.

And then one day - oh one day we will get rid of that godawful school fence which is held together with cable ties.