Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Writing a list seems tacky

When I was a kid and past the age at which anything wrapped was a Good Present, I was required to make Christmas lists to give to my mother. I enjoyed making them - it was exciting dreaming up all the goodies Santa could bring me and somehow it was still exciting when I got them.

However, now that I actually understand the joy of giving, as well as receiving, I'd really rather get a surprise. A Good Present is one I don't have to orchestrate myself - it's one the other person also enjoyed giving. Unfortunately, this is a touch self indulgent and unrealistic. It requires psychic powers that may be beyond people living real lives that don't, in fact, revolve around me. (The hide!)

So while I object strongly to writing a list, dropping hints on my blog is clearly a completely different matter.

On a completely unrelated topic, the front garden has two tree stumps, that I really feel need decorating. Perhaps a snoozing dragon?


  1. Because your house clearly has a glaring deficit of dragons :)

  2. It does! People always say that....