Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cot for sale

I am in possession of a rather lovely cot - made in the US and in surprisingly excellent condition given that 3 kids have used it. It belongs to my friend, but she doesn't need it back, so we'd like to send it to a new home.

It has a drop side that can be operated with one hand and one knee (you lift it slightly and push it in slightly at the bottom) which was a great improvement on my previous cot that needed two hands to drop the side. It has a heap of height settings, including a very high one for very little bubs.

It also has a handy dandy drawer underneath it which is both useful for storage and catching dropped dummies.

It still has all its instructions, which is something of a miracle considering it has lived in 4 houses, one of which was in a different country.

If you could use it, or you know someone who could, let me know. My friend would probably like a few bucks for it if the recipient can afford it, but a deserving home that's very short on cash could have it for free. I'll chuck in some linen too.

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