Monday, November 30, 2009

Family fun times

On the weekend we went here:

That'd be the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains near Katoomba, for those not intimately acquainted with B-grade Australian landmarks.

We got that view from the Skyway. It has a glass floor which changes from opaque to clear during the trip (the need for which becomes apparent when you walk to the look out on the far side and look up). Elissa and Charlie were both pretty keen on it.

The next ride was the Scenic Railway - about which they were all rather excited.

Yes, that is Charlie looking excited.

This is what the railway track does:

Note the curve on those tracks - this is the steepest railway in the world. The kids loved it.

There is a very pleasant, accessible walk at the bottom through the sub tropical rainforest and past the old coal mines. It has lots of tree ferns. I like tree ferns.

Then we got the cable car back up the hill (which is the accessible method of going both up and down). The kids were still thoroughly rapt.

We did all of this with my aunt, who we haven't seen in so long that she didn't know Charlie's name. After the excitement, we headed back to her place and spent a relaxing weekend catching up with her and her hubby. It was a lovely weekend.

There was only one down side - this was the weekend we should have been Christmassing the house. Therefore I started this afternoon after school. At about this point:

I discovered that the second string of lights for the tree had inadvertently been put up outside, so Crash went out to retrieve them. (The very blurry photo is what happens when you are a tad annoyed and not bothering to look at the result.)

We got the second string of lights in, completed tree construction, but then the kids wanted to help decorate. By the time they had finished, it looked like this:

There are a whole lot of pretty ordinary decorations in the bottom right hand corner of the tree. I now need to move them all into the depths and put all the other decorations on. I was a little deflated and slightly feverish, so I figured I'd blog instead.

And with that little whinge, I have completed NaBloPoMo!

I'm a little stunned I did it, although I may have served up even more drivel than usual. There may be less posting for the next little while...


  1. It's been so long since I was on the Scenic Railway that I don't think Tom's ever seen it. Should fix that.

    My only contribution to putting our tree up was to be the long arms that wrapped the string of lights around it and then put the star on the top at the end.

    Tom was at a friend's place so Dave and Cait were in charge and for the first time they decided there ought to be some kind of plan as to what was going on the tree - less is more apparently. Must be something that kicks in at around 11 years of age 'cause last year Caitlin wanted to put everything on there.

  2. My kids did the Scenic Railway when they were tiny, but Skyway at the time was being renovated, so we've never done that with them. Should do it, by the look!

    Today is the day our tree goes up. I refuse to do it before December.