Sunday, November 15, 2009

More gardening

My wonderful husband let me sleep in this morning, so I wondered down stairs about 9:30am and headed straight out the front to start digging the Bloody Big Hole. I dug for a while and then Crash took over. After some significant time, this was the Bloody Big Hole.

Of course, once you have have a hole, you must fill it. We battled with removing the pot from the root ball for quite a while, before conceding defeat and cutting it off.

It's a shame, I was going to plant a citrus tree in the empty pot.

Tree finally went into the hole, and we straightened it as best we could. Following some random Canadian website on planting trees, we part filled the hole with dirt and then filled it with water. The whole process fascinated the kids, who loved the opportunity to play with dirt. Charlie was chief clod breaker uperer. Elissa (who didn't actually manage to get out of her pyjamas today) was in and on as much as dirt as she could possibly manage - with the doll, as you can see.

After this photo was taken she picked the doll up and said very seriously "Dolly, you're filthy!".

Crash made lunch while I filled the drained hole with all that dirt on the right, and voila! we have a tree.

When I drove home after a pleasant afternoon with jennifergearing, I was eagerly anticipating the new view of the tree, but was disappointed to realise just how much smaller it appears when you're not trying to pick it up.

While Crash was completing the BBH, I rescued the dug up plants from the back yard, who were all looking substantially worse for wear and planted them in the front garden. I don't know whether they'll survive, but they have more chance there than in a dodgy pot in the back yard. So the garden is a little less barren now.

The hose is trickle watering in all the new transplants.

Still on the to-do list:
  • put edging around the tree and mulch the base of the tree
  • plant some more herbs
  • rip out the plant by the gate
  • mow the lawn...

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