Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In which Elissa finally gets a bed

I don't like Ikea much - they never have what you want in stock, bits are often missing or wrong or whatever and you can never just go once. Parking is a nightmare and just don't even consider going there on a weekend. However, they do good, reasonably priced kids' furniture and I needed a small bed to go in Elissa's small room. So I took Elissa and we chose a bed. Then we got it home and it was the wrong colour. So I took it back (without Elissa) and found that they didn't have the white one at all, so I came home with a completely different bed.

On the first trip I had also bought a little set of shelves that are low enough for her to reach everything on them. I'm fairly practiced in the art of Ikea assembly, and had the shelves all but built in less than half an hour - just needed to nail the back on - another 10 mins or so. Sadly, I couldn't put them in the room until the bed was built and I worked out where everything was going to go. Bed assembly happened yesterday and it ended up in the corner running away from the window - she's still too young to have her bed under the window.

Which left enough room to shove the legacy cupboard (currently housing a quilt and approx 5 hats - it isn't very practical) up a bit and squeeze the shelves between it and the door.

You can't actually open the left hand door properly, but since there's bugger all in it, that's probably not that big a deal.

Finally, this evening we replaced the towel that has been covering the high window for the last 2 years with a blind.

Not exactly designer brilliance, but at least it goes up and down. I might get curtains to go over it one day....

The key point is that Elissa loves it - she has some toys she can reach and she adores her bed. I'll rack this one up as a success, if not quite a completed job.

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  1. Good to hear your efforts were well received :-)