Friday, November 13, 2009

Hasty purchases

Last Sunday, we celebrated Elissa's birthday, and I mentioned that I gave her a monster truck which I failed to notice had "Grave Digger" written on it. Since Mim asked about it, and since it's Friday and my head is full of Okin and Deveaux and multiculturalism and feminism and I am not up to writing anything of substance, I'm merely offering up a photo of the grave digger.

How many two year old girls get a squashed caterpillar green monster truck with "Grave Digger" written on it? I ask you? That's one very lucky daughter I have.



  1. Yep, that's the truck that pops up on a google image search for grave cakes.

  2. OK, that's weird. People make cakes from $4 matchbox cars? I guess there is a common source - fair to say I am not completely across monster truck pop culture.

  3. Ariane,
    if you can tell me where to get one I will
    buy 2 for my girls.


  4. Well I bought it from K Mart, so I can't imagine they are that hard to find. :)

    How are your girls? And Alice? And you? Tim & I were talking about you on Thursday - lamenting your absence from Twitter. We are lazy correspondents.