Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween '09

I'm not really into Halloween in and of itself, but I love a good dress-up. The main P&C fund raiser this year was a trivia night on Halloween, and we organised a party for the kids on the same night. Sadly, I was so flat out making it all happen, there are no photos. All I have is this one of the kids:

Ben's in the serious Scream mask, Charlie is Spiderman and Elissa is fighting with her little Scream mask. The two witches are Katie and Lauren, looking very cool.

And then there's one of me with teeth in, because I had promised one would appear on FB.

And that's it. The really frustrating thing is that I took TWO cameras with me, and still didn't manage any photos. *sigh*

Nevertheless, a great night was had by all. Nerida did an awesome job as Quizmistress once again and the Kindy and Yr 2 parents shelled out unprecedented dollars for their respective class artworks. There were few Yr 1 parents there, so we got a bargain for this magnificent example of 6yr old communal art:

The hall was decorated incredibly well - we had a graveyard directly in front of the stage, a fortune teller stand (sadly without a live fortune teller, that was outside our budget) and a witch along with her cauldron. The tables were all candlelit and adorned with cobwebs. All of this was the work of one amazing woman - I am completely in awe of it.

Hopefully someone will have taken some photos!

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