Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I hate November

My to-do list for tonight:

  • Read at least 2 papers
  • Do another load of washing
  • Make brownies for cake day and Kindy 2010 welcome morning tea
  • First, go to supermarket and buy ingredients for brownies
  • Write a blog post.

It's 9pm. You'll note which of these things I did first....


  1. Oh crap, I haven't been to the shops to pick up the extra morning tea stuff for the last day of kindy orientation tomorrow. Having done 3 kindy orientation morning teas in two weeks already I'm kind of running out of enthusiasm.

  2. Oh lord, and I'm whinging about one of 'em!

    At least it's the last one....

  3. Blogging first is a perfectly valid choice...It's up there with putting in a DVD before doing something terribly important. It's always going to happen, so just roll with it I say ;)